PCNR-logoA NEW, online journal looks set to give nurses on the frontline of care practical information and a more powerful voice. With 800 Twitter followers before the first issue has even been published, Primary Care Nursing Review (PCNR) has the potential to attract thousands of readers.

This bi-monthly journal will launch March 21st 2014 It will be free to access, and reflecting the changing nature of care delivery, has been designed to be read primarily on tablets and smart phones, although it can of course be read via a desk top computers. The journal can be accessed via the website or via the Newstand app (iphone/ipad)

PCNR is revolutionary because it is the creation not of a typical publisher but a former NHS nurse turned medical writer.

Its joint founder and Editor, Deborah Glover, is passionate about providing practical information to nurses while keeping them up to date with the latest news and clinical developments. The aim is to create an online educational resource.

She will encourage nurses to submit articles about their real-life experiences such as implementation of NHS initiatives and innovative treatments and interventions. There will also be online reader polls and comment.

Ms Glover said: “A plethora of journals exist which carry original academic research or lengthy articles about a particular topic, but when it comes to implementing such innovations or recommendation, nurses need some guidance as they know that it can be difficult. PCNR is to be a practical magazine for healthcare professionals – nurses who don’t necessarily have time to read in-depth articles in academic journals but who spend a large part of their day treating patients and need help and information.”

It will also be a platform, says Ms Glover, for community nurses, who may work in isolation, to comment on issues and set up debates.

With fewer hospital beds, more acutely ill patients are now treated in their own homes. There’s so much more to community nursing than dressing leg ulcers and giving bed baths, as PCNR aims to show.

From enteral feeding to prescribing drugs, demands on nurses to recognise and treat complex conditions has never been greater.

The idea is to publish peer-reviewed articles on different areas of nursing in practice, including cancer care, cardiology, dermatology, diabetes, wound-care, nutrition, mental health and respiratory care.

There will also be interviews and light-hearted features and blogs. Ms Glover said “It can’t be too serious. There are lots of worthy journals out there but nurses sometimes need a bit of light relief.”

Issue one will come with an exclusive review of the science behind a new honey wound care treatment (Surgihoney) and profiles of David Foster, deputy chief nursing officer at the Department of Health and Crystal Oldman, chief executive of the Queens Nursing Institute.

Ms Glover and her publishing director Oliver Webb, are former colleagues from the days they worked on the Journal of Wound Care. She was editor while he was advertising manager.

Today they are embarking on their first publication. PCNR, funded by advertising and sponsorship, transcends traditional print journals that also have online versions.  It is using digital technology to make it easy to read on handheld-devices and for readers to save and share the content of its pages via Facebook and Twitter.

For more information contact

Deborah Glover, director/editor, 07773 447061

Oliver Webb, director/publisher, 01932 342552 or 07966 530938

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